Monica Berra comes to documentary filmmaking with a background in broadcast journalism and history. As the daughter of two immigrants, she is endlessly fascinated with the concepts of the American Dream, self-identity, and mobility in this country. She has worked on projects dealing with public education policy in North Carolina, African-American Catholics in the South, and historically black colleges and universities.



SheRea DelSol takes pride in her cultural/racial identity and tells stories about people of color who challenge the status quo: tackling racism and prejudice on a college campus, or building a multicultural city of their dreams in the heart of Klan Country. She believes in creating art that allows systemically silenced voices to be heard and recognized. She received an honors degree in communication and her academic work is focused on the media's representation of Blacks.



Gini Richards loves a good story about the unique, the weird, the inspiring, and especially stories about all three. She majored in Middle East Studies & Arabic in her undergraduate studies, and has worked on documentary projects about Egypt, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, North Carolina mountain miners, Mars astronaut hopefuls, and racial tensions on a college campus.